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Amal and the Storybook Princesses Book 1
First Book in the Amal and the Storybook Princesses Series

Amal and the Storybook Princesses – Book 1 Published May 2020

This engaging story for Muslim girls brings them on a fantastic ride of dawah as Amal sits reading princess stories with her neighbor Lisa. Raised Muslim, Amal sees the root of their problems, and solves them with beautiful Islamic advice. Plasticine illustrations by the author decorate the pages, and each story features a translated ayah of the Quran. This is the first in a set of 4 bedtime storybooks.

Flight of the Indigora – A Novel

Flight of the Indigora – Pending Publication

She never knew she could fly. It wasn’t until she was snatched from her beloved ocean, taken into the skies and held captive that she mustered the courage to take a leap of faith, and found she had wings. This is Sakina’s first novel, a fantastical auto-biography.